Easter Bilby’s Friends

Wild rabbits are a threat to the survival of over 300 plant and animal species native to Australia, and they harm thousands more. Their impacts can change entire ecosystems.

Easter Bilby’s Friends tells the stories of those plants and animals and how humans are helping to save them. People are getting rid of rabbits so the bush can grow, re-establishing native vegetation, making the habitat safe by controlling feral cats and foxes, and helping the species that are most threatened to breed up and survive. Although highlighting the plight of different species, Easter Bilby’s Friends conclude with sentiments of hope and new life; echoing the message of Easter Bilby.

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Banjo Frog’s Concert Spectacular

Easter Bilby is excited to join his friends for Banjo Frog’s Concert Spectacular.

But something’s wrong!

Can Easter Bilby help his friends and save the concert?

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Story Books

Easter Bilby’s Friends books introduce native plants and animals suffering due, at least to some extent, to rabbits; and how humans are coming to their aid. They present information about each species involved. This website provides additional detail (Information Sheets), ancillary resources (e.g. activity sheets for children and Notes for teachers), and links to the programs and people actively managing feral pests and native ecosystems.